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Jarod Spiewak

About Jarod

An image of me on a mountain in MassHi, I’m Jarod! I’m a kick-ass (I may have a bit of an ego) digital marketer who specializes in search engine marketing, mainly search engine optimization. I’ve lived in Manchester, New Hampshire for most of my life but I love that my career allows me to travel all over the world.

Some marketers want to buy the Jets; I just want to build an empire (did I mention the ego?).

My internet marketing career started back when I was in high school. Like most people, it started with a simple Google search “How to make money online.”

To keep a long story short after a year of messing around with online marketing, I eventually started offering client-SEO services which id where the majority of my time has been focused on for a little over four years.

I’ve been able to excel at search marketing thanks to my strategic and business mindset. I consider myself to be a technical marketer (growth hacker, growth marketer, etc.). I love looking at data, diving into code, and never accepting good as good enough.

My highly strategic mindset had helped me not only with my marketing career but it allowed me to start college when I was 15 years old, graduate high school at 16, start my first (and last) corporate marketing job at 17, and graduate college a month after I turned 18.

Trust me when I say you’d much rather have me on your team than your competitors.

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