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The Story So Far

​This part of my website isn't for you, it's for me. But, you're free to read.

At 14, I decided to start meeting strangers on Craigslist.

This was my first "business." Consulting, writing, development, whatever people needed, I could do it.

When I was 15, as a proud C/D student, I made the logical decision of enrolling in college. But, student loans wouldn't cover everything.

Like over 100,000 people per month do, I Googled "How to make money online."

Bet you can guess how that went.

Survey websites, "make money" apps, and just about everything else that doesn't work. Eventually, I found myself writing for Hire Writers.

Making $20 a week wasn't going to pay for college anytime soon. But, I kept getting asked for "SEO Content." WTF is that?

After a couple hours of research, I was clearly an SEO expert.

At this point, I was about 17. I signed up for a freelancing website called Upwork and was hired by a local real estate company to join their corporate marketing team.

Corporate sucked. My job could have been 100% automated and there were quite a few employment law violations.

Upwork, however, gave me the ability to grow my skills at a crazy speed. I would often work with marketing agencies that needed someone to fulfill for them.

At 18, I had graduated college and was hired by a law firm marketing agency, Black Fin. Leaving my corporate days behind.

While working for Black Fin, I was able to explode my learning speed while also defining who I was as a marketer.

Eventually leaving the agency after scaling my own operation to multiple 5-figures per month.

From there, I changed the brand name of the company to "Blue Dog Media." and developed a concept called "puzzle piece marketing."

The story continues...