Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

When it comes to search, TIME is a ranking factor and a very important one.

I worked on this site back in May (PPL). At the time it was #100, sent it 2-3 links and forgot about it.

Haven't visited the site in almost 2 months.

Last night, I was looking at client rankings and decided to check in on this site. It was #28.

Not anywhere where it would be generating leads but it does warrant this post.

Be patient.

Search is a process that takes time.

Google is slow as hell, and it should be. It needs time to evaluate the millions of websites that show up for each search term.

It's also on us to communicate that to our clients.

Simply saying "it'll take 6 months" and them saying "I understand" is not the same situation 3 months later when they've paid you $9,000 and haven't seen any return yet.

Being impatient hurts your business AND your client's business.

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Author: Jarod Spiewak

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