Come see me in KY Aug 1-3 2018!

Come see my talk in KY August 2018!

Got plans August 1-3?

The fuck you do! You’re going to come to KY to where I’ll be speaking at the wonderful Jonathan Kiekbusch‘s #SEOButler Bootcamp.

You’ll hear from Jonathan and wish you had his accent.

Holly will tell more dirty jokes than you can handle.

Did Cole say something about buying everyone a lifetime supply of bourbon?

Dino will show you how to look cool in some shades and a suit.

And I’ll be telling jokes that mostly fall flat.

Oh, we’ll also be talking about YouTube, SEO, Facebook ads, CRO, and Amazon Publishing.

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Author: Jarod Spiewak

Marketer by day, frustrated programmer by night. I build businesses through digital marketing, without all the BS.