Come see me in KY Aug 1-3 2018!

Come see my talk in KY August 2018!

Got plans August 1-3?

The fuck you do! You’re going to come to KY to where I’ll be speaking at the wonderful Jonathan Kiekbusch‘s #SEOButler Bootcamp.

You’ll hear from Jonathan and wish you had his accent.

Holly will tell more dirty jokes than you can handle.

Did Cole say something about buying everyone a lifetime supply of bourbon?

Dino will show you how to look cool in some shades and a suit.

And I’ll be telling jokes that mostly fall flat.

Oh, we’ll also be talking about YouTube, SEO, Facebook ads, CRO, and Amazon Publishing.

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I’m An International Speaker?

Check out a recording of the talk I gave leading up to CMSEO2018 about custom client work!

UPDATE: A video recording of this talk can be found here:

I’ve been asked by Matt Diggity to speak at one of the lead-up events to his conference this year in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Tickets can be purchased here (for now)

My talk will go over how agencies can execute custom strategies at scale. Something that just about everyone says can’t be done.

“Custom” work has become a buzzword lately within the client SEO community. Mostly because it makes sales, not because that’s what’s actually happening.

I’ll be going over how I’ve been able to scale customized work by implementing my “puzzle piece” marketing strategy as well as how to implement those campaigns efficiently.

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Lion Zeal Podcast: Make $20k/m Using Upwork

I was on the Lion Zeal show to talk about how I gain clients using Upwork

Daryl Rosser invited me onto the Lion Zeal Show to talk about how SEOs can use Upwork to gain high paying clients at scale.

From the post:

In this episode, Jarod Spiewak explains how, at twenty years old, he makes $20k per month from clients he landed on Upwork.

Even better, he explains how this client acquisition process is almost completely automated.

You will learn step-by-step how to do this to land clients paying $3,000 per month.

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